Backflow Testing

Reasons for having a Backflow Device:
The backflow device on your property was installed as an integral part of your irrigation and/or water
system. It is designed to prevent contaminants from entering water lines that go directly to your house and
the overall water system. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires that the
system be tested annually, at the customer’s expense, and that the results be provided to Culleoka Water
Supply Corp. The person performing the test must be BPAT Certified in testing and repairing backflow
prevention devices.
Who needs one?
Any connection that has an irrigation system, sprinkler system or well system is required (by TCEQ) to have
a backflow device installed and to be tested every year by a licensed inspector.

We have partnered with SC Tracking Solutions for testing of these devices. You can go to for more information.